The world of franchise opportunities is an incredibly diverse one and it’s easier than you think to fall victim to a franchise scam or even just a poorly run franchise system. Fortunately, WSI is not a scam and is very well run – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put us through our paces before you buy a franchise opportunity!

How to spot a franchise scam

First, here are some signs that a franchise opportunity isn’t what it seems to be.

  • Pressure to sign up: Hard-sell pitches that pressure you into signing up are a classic sign of a hustle. Take a hard look at anyone who tells you that you need to act quickly or be shut out of the opportunity, or that you need to pay up or miss out. At WSI, we have a lengthy on-boarding system where we work with you to evaluate your suitability for a franchise and you can take your time seeing if we’re the right fit for you – this is your investment, and we take it as seriously as you do.
  • Unrealistic expectations: If a franchise is telling you that everyone who works for them is pulling in huge salaries, driving fancy cars or buying mansions, take a step back – quickly. At WSI, we’re happy to share our success stories and back them up with facts, and we’ll give you a realistic idea of what our franchisees earn and your earning potential. Building a business is hard work and, although we support you every step of the way, there’s no such thing as instant wealth.
  • Telling you to sit back and relax: As we’ve just said, building a business is a challenge – so anyone who tells you that you can run your business in your spare time, relax and watch the money come into your account is not to be trusted. As a leading franchisor, WSI knows what it takes to build a successful business, and we’re here with our proven system – including the expertise, training, support, partnerships and network – to help you get there. But that doesn’t mean our WSI consultants don’t work hard – they put in the long hours to make all the support and training pay off.
  • No documentation: If someone selling you a franchise says they’re exempt from disclosure, walk away. You should have a disclosure document ready and waiting for you at your first proper sales meeting. During the discovery process at WSI, we know that buying a business is a serious investment and we treat it as such – you’ll have all the paperwork, documentation and resources you need to rest assured that this is a legitimate, transparent and legal business opportunity.

Don’t fall victim to a franchise scam – Stick with WSI franchise opportunities

Investing in a franchise is a serious decision and it’s critical to choose a partner who has the experience, reputation and industry credibility to help you succeed. To find out more about WSI franchises, the high-quality, proven franchising system we offer and what the world of digital marketing has to offer you, please contact us today] .

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